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Australian Racing Drivers ClubSince 1952, the ARDC has been more than just a club for drivers & riders – it has played a proud and privileged role as an integral part of Australia’s motor racing heritage, and the foundation upon which Australian motor racing will continue to build into the future. With such a passionate Member base, the ARDC is the heart & soul, and unrivalled driving force of Australian motorsport. Being a Member of the ARDC is to drive in the same team as some of Australia’s greatest racing icons, be they the current heroes of the V8 Supercars; the living legends from the glory days of Bathurst and 500CC/MotoGP; or perhaps just one of the many thousands of extraordinary pit lane personalities we all know and love. The ARDC offers its Members privileges no other motorsport club in Australia can. ARDC Members enjoy a whole raft of exclusive benefits. Whether your competitively racing or riding around the track; fine tuning your skills or machine during track days, ride days or private practice sessions; or just looking to soak up the excitement with complimentary spectator entry to many of the exciting and entertaining racing events at Sydney Motorsport Park, plus a whole raft of discounts to the racing and riding experiences, ARDC Membership is the ultimate access pass to Sydney Motorsport Park!