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Formula Ford Experience

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You will be driving a real F1-STYLE FORMULA FORD RACE CAR seated only a couple of inches off the ground and you'll know it... You can feel the car reacting to every tiny adjustment you make as you sweep through corners pulling loads of up to 2Gs!

If you like the sound of this, then a FORMULA FORD DRIVE DAY EXPERIENCE is the right choice for you!

You will be supplied with a competition-prepared Formula Ford Spirit or Van Diemen race car, which you can drive full pelt around Sydney Motorsport Park race track. These are real, unmodified racing cars, as raced in the Formula Ford Championship. 

NO rev-limiters - drive the car to your limits!

Put yourself in the driver’s seat!
5 blistering laps
Sydney Motor Sport Park
Taste the thrill of real racing
Real race cars , real race track...

A real F1-style race car! This will have you addicted!
10 blistering laps
Sydney Motor Sport Park
The real race car driver experience
Experience the biggest rush of adrenaline...

Impress your mates! And come back for more
20 blistering laps
Sydney Motor Sport Park
Tuition between sessions
For those of you who can’t get enough...