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SMSP Ride Days, Powered by Stay Upright.

If you have been to a Ride Day at Sydney Motorsport Park before, you will already know that it is truly heaven on earth for motorcycle riders. If you are new to riding at the track, you are in for a wonderful experience.

The track provides a controlled environment where you can enjoy riding your bike without most of the hazards that we face on regular roads. There are no speed limits! No on-coming traffic! No road works!

Sydney Motorsport Park is up there with the best circuits for motorcycles in the world, and the circuit provides the widest lane and the best tarmac you will probably ever find.

Riders are grouped according to similar riding ability and similar speeds, as well as rules and riding etiquette and flag marshals to monitor riding and incidents provides for the safest environment possible. Your safety is our first priority!

Beyond this, you are free to explore your bike and your riding lap after glorious lap.

Come and have fun with us, no matter what your experience, riding level or ambitions.

Contact us on 1300 366 640 if you need help selecting the group that suits you. We look forward to having you ride with us!